Longbow Putters

Longbow Putters is disrupting how golfers think about the way they putt. 

We challenge the status quo that a putter's length should be between 32-36".

We believe your putter should be between 39-48" with a 500g head weight (vs 350g) and a 79.5deg lie angle (vs 70deg).

Our mission is to give customers that "why didn't I try a long putter sooner" moment.

  • Absolutely Stunning

    Got the LP-1 in Zeus and it is amazing! I have always been pl peculiar when it comes to a putter. I have or have had nearly every brand name manufacture - always trying to buy my stroke. Wasn’t until I went to Broomstick putting did I actually find what really works for me. I’m a scratch handicap and have been blessed to play all around the world and with a former President (GWB).
    The putter- Look, sound, feel of the face, how it rests behind the ball, does it fit my stroke. Feel- so pleasantly surprised, just a pure solid feel. No “tink”, just the way I like it. Looking down at it when addressing the ball is so simple to keep it square and the Zeus finish is everything you see in the picture. The head cover is just as high quality as the putter. They definitely wanted to give us an excellent putter.
    The customer service, something rare these days, 1000% it’s about the golfer and not them. The Zeus is definitely my gamer, but I will be ordering another !!!!!

  • Thank You Longbow Putters!!!

    Took a chance and ordered one of these when they were first made available and I couldn’t be happier. Zach has been amazing to work with through the whole process and we have even been able to tweak things along the way. The quality of these putters are top notch

    It’s rare to find a company these days that you can work directly with the people who are in charge of making their actual products. Zach puts the same level of effort into building a customer relationship that he does into building and designing awesome long putters!!

  • Never Looking Back

    I recently switched to a Broomstick style and putting and I will never look back. I had alot of issues with my wrists getting involved in the stroke and trying countless styles of regular putters before making the jump.

    Zach is extremly knowledable on the topic and walked me through the whole transation and helped me get locked in with my new putter. He helped with length, lie angle, and everything in between.

    If you are on the fence about this shoot Zack a note, these putters are the real deal and extremely well made with the unmost attention to detail.

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