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LP-1 Black

LP-1 Black

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The Longbow LP-1 is a face-balanced mallet. The LP-1 is our bestselling model that features a mallet design, featuring our wide-face milling 79.5 degree lie angle and 500g head design. 

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Customer Reviews

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John Griston
Saving Strokes

I feel very confident over the ball with my new LP-1 Black putter. Once I got used to the take away and letting the weight of the putter release properly, the distance control has been incredible! Thank you Zach and Longbow staff


Love it.

William Paul
Absolutely Stunning

Got the LP-1 in Zeus and it is amazing! I have always been pl peculiar when it comes to a putter. I have or have had nearly every brand name manufacture - always trying to buy my stroke. Wasn’t until I went to Broomstick putting did I actually find what really works for me. I’m a scratch handicap and have been blessed to play all around the world and with a former President (GWB).
The putter- Look, sound, feel of the face, how it rests behind the ball, does it fit my stroke. Feel- so pleasantly surprised, just a pure solid feel. No “tink”, just the way I like it. Looking down at it when addressing the ball is so simple to keep it square and the Zeus finish is everything you see in the picture. The head cover is just as high quality as the putter. They definitely wanted to give us an excellent putter.
The customer service, something rare these days, 1000% it’s about the golfer and not them. The Zeus is definitely my gamer, but I will be ordering another !!!!!
Great Job LongBow.

Barry Soicher

Love the putter. Feels great. The best customer service too - Zack and his team care. Nice to have something go so well and over deliver.

Longbow LP1 Review

Top notch putter, as good as any milled putter out there and one of the few broomstick options that can be customized to the customer's specs. Great experience working with Zack to build my putter and get it just right. I highly recommend you give these putters a look!